forbrain for speech attention and memory
Forbrain Bone Conduction headset with Dynamic filter enhances specific frequencies of speech and constantly surprises the brain to improve speech, memory, attention and sensory processing.

Download guide on "How to prevent summer setback with Forbrain." Special offer included!


Summer Break is on and kids are free from daily homework and quizzes, they have plenty of time to relax and do physical activities. Nonetheless, in this digital age it is the worry of many parents to keep their kids from watching excessive television or scrolling through their mobile phones all summer long.


Childhood is critical in intellectual development and these 70-90 vacation days are decisive on how a child fares throughout the year. Summer Learning Loss is a real thing. It is the loss of academic skills and knowledge over the course of summer holidays. Numerous studies* state that, students score lower on the same standardized tests at the end of the summer than they do at the beginning of summer. 


How can you prevent this? You can stop cognitive fall-back by encouraging new interests, discovering new passions and experimenting many things that can occupy your kids' time over the summer months to keep their bodies moving and their minds thinking and accompanying these activities with Forbrain will enhance and accelerate the learning process.


Learn a new language


Learning a new language improves short and long-term memory, attention and learning abilities and learning it with Forbrain provides the user with dynamic feedback of a sound stimulus via bone conduction. Language learning becomes a multi-sensory experience that imprints information at a rapid pace due to its positive effects on cognition.

Read with your kids


Everyone knows the benefits of reading but reading out loud with Forbrain gives greater clarity of sound reception and more efficient processing. This newfound ease of reading stimulates your brain and motivates you to read more.

Practice singing and music


Plain and simple: various research show that music lessons make kids smarter! Using Forbrain headphones with music is a great way to get a head start for the fall. Practicing singing with Forbrain’s dynamic filter helps ensure that the user's brain is constantly surprised by the music signals being received without overly-distorting the original stimulus.



Expand your vocabulary in your native language. Learn 10 new words with Forbrain every day by speaking out loud. Bone conduction provides clarity and sensory integration that improves pronunciation skills. This enhanced awareness and perception of speech is a prerequisite to improving vocabulary.

Practice dramas and musicals


The performing arts have plenty of positive influences. Reading aloud scripts and plays with Forbrain works directly on your nervous system by focusing attention on your voice and reducing the sound and other sensory clutter in your brain. This settles the nervous system and improves confidence, motivating you to take action and succeed.

Role-play real-life situations


Stimulating kids’ brain with real-life situations is a great way to prepare them for being confident in social interactions and being more alert and aware. Through heightened bone conduction and the use of the dynamic filter, Forbrain enhances sound processing and your attention.